Over 40 years ago, a small group of German activists looked upon the horrors of World War II and the dysfunction of modernity, and united with a revolutionary vow: to build a true culture of peace. They quickly encountered the core shadows of human community, particularly in the realms of money, love, sex, and power. They recognized the necessity to regenerate TRUST as the foundation of generative relationships and the key to building a “future beyond war”.

Today, Tamera Healing Biotope stands as a testament to the success of their endeavor. They have grown into a global education campus, welcoming thousands of students and volunteers annually, and provide a permanent home to nearly 200 dedicated peace-workers. The community's influence extends worldwide through the Terra Nova Network, supporting the emergence of similar healing biotopes and offering a new blueprint for a post-capitalist society.

This film is an invitation to reimagine and participate in the creation of a more beautiful world.


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For example: a community center or small theatre in your town. Or you’re screening the film for your small organization or affinity group. You’re welcome to charge for ticket sales and keep all proceeds.


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